What Is In A Myers Cocktail Infusion?

Aquape Infusions offers a wide array of IV therapy infusions. There are so many benefits of IV therapy and we offer infusions for everything from weight loss to libido improvement. One of our stand-out formulas is our Immune-Boosting Myers Cocktail Infusion. This concoction is packed with vitamins and minerals to give your immune system a boost.

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B Vitamins

The Myers Cocktail Infusion is packed with B Vitamins that can help to promote cell health and red blood cell production. These are vital processes in warding off illness and helping you stay healthy. Red blood cells play a vital role in the immune system and anything that helps keep them working properly will help you stay healthy.

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Vitamin C

The health benefits of Vitamin C are well known. Vitamin C is essential in helping your cells and tissues repair themselves. Vitamin C has also been shown to help decrease the length and severity of cold symptoms. It’s an essential element in immune support, one you should make sure you’re getting plenty of this cold and flu season!

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We know that Calcium is necessary for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. But did you know calcium is also one of the most essential components in a healthy immune system? Calcium in the immune system helps by surrounding foreign invaders and marking them for our defenses to come and attack. Calcium deficiencies tend to be associated with higher rates of infectious disease with poorer outcomes for patients. Good thing we have ways of making sure you get plenty of it!

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The role of magnesium in the body cannot be understated. You need it for your muscles to work, for your nerves to function properly; it keeps your heart beating, and plays a vital role in keeping your immune system healthy. It’s a powerhouse in the body and it is essential to ensure you’re getting enough of it.

Our Meyer’s Cocktail is a great way to boost your immune response this winter. It helps to reduce cold and flu symptoms, alleviate the effects of allergies, helps with stress, and does so much for you and your body. If you want to treat yourself to this wonderful infusion therapy concoction, contact us today and make the request!